I never really write because all I do is ramble

I'm really glad Jon is so honest with me. It make our relationship so much better!

In other news, last night when I was driving Jon back to his townhouse, this girl had her window wide open and we could see her boobs, wtf? Who changes with their window wide open? And her place was in the very front of the neighborhood, so any who drove by would see her.

Umm, my name is the newspaper on account of being a freshmen with a GPA higher then 3.5.

Oh yeah, Last night I was feeling really strange. I think it was because I was dehydrated or something. I dropped off Jon around 11 and told him goodnight over the phone at 12. I texted him later telling him I didn't feel well. At like 2, he called me, I was already asleep, but managed to answer the call. Jon was on the other line, he told me he got my message and that he was going to go to the gas station and buy me a water and some medcine and come over. I told him, not to because I had water in my car, then he offered to come over just to get the water out of my car for me! I was really suprised, I thought it was super sweet of him. Reguardless, I told him not to come over, because it was too late and I was sleepy.. But that made me so happy last night.

Today, I should be finding out if I got the job at Jimmy John's. I hope so! I think my interview went well.

BTW - I got this when I woke up

I love my baby so mcuh! She's beautiful beyond all belief! Even without makeup! I think about her to the point where I can't sleep!

Jan 7, 2009 5:52

Jon sent me this message last night while I was sleeping.  I miss all the cute message we use to send to each other.

Oh Katie Houser, you're such an amazing girl. I can't stop thinking about you! Your beautiful face, your sexy beyond all belief, and your loving heart. I can't wait till we're married and living together so I can see you all the time and we can snuggle every night until we drift to sleep. Just thinking of you makes me smile so big! The smile I make when we snuggle or kiss or when I haven't seen you in a few days and I can't stop looking at you. You're all I ever want to see. I love you sweetie!

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Me and my dad saw The Serious Case of Benjamin Button last night. I think it's one of my favorite movies of this year. It was really nice to spend some time with my dad. My borther leaves for Afghanistan on the 2nd...

Next semester i'm taking...

Principles of Advertising- Tu/Th 12-1:15
Composition 2- Th 9-10:15
Humanistic Traditions 2- Tu/Th 3-4:15
Spanish Language & Civ 2- Mo/We/Fr 9:30-10:20

There was no way I could avoid taking a Friday class, which sucks. But at least next semester I can apply for major's program. Hopefully I have a high enough GPA. I better get in!